Georgia?s business and health care leaders have come together to create a new health care model that puts the Patient First. Together we will:

The Patient First Network (P1N) is not your standard PPO Network. P1N was formed as a network integrator, and its primary goal is to focus on the employees it serves. P1N is proud to announce that it has formed a strategic alliance with the Industry Buying Group in an effort to deliver a seamless network of providers for the entire state of Georgia.

There are over 130 hospitals, 1,100 ancillary facilities, 1,350 chiropractors, and more than 21,500 physicians within the Patient First Network. With so many participating providers, P1N has quickly positioned itself to be the largest provider network in Georgia. Our objective is to put provider choice back in the hands of the employees. With providers in 157 of 159 counties, P1N also provides the largest coverage area in the state. P1N has also developed its own private label prescription drug card to assist industry and employers in controlling drug cost. As P1N continues its expansion, they will be working with the Industry Buying Group to form a new purchasing coalition for employers.

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